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Designing Molds for Maintenance & Cleaning

When it comes to designing the mold for a product, there are many factors that have to be taken into account.  Part design. materials used for the parts, production volumes, and the list goes on and on.  A couple of areas that also need to be considered in the very...

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Addressing Build-Up In Your Molds

There are many potential contributors to in-mold build up.  But the impacts that build up can have on your part and your workflow can be significant.  Things like sticking, gloss issues, and visual defects are not a positive for molders in today’s competitive...

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Design Considerations for In Press Maintenance

Increased productivity and efficiency is a primary goal for almost any molding operation.  Performing in mold maintenance is one way to achieve those goals. Obviously, there are a myriad of factors and considerations regarding design setup and maintenance while the...

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Injection Mold Tooling – Dealing with Lifters

There are many variables and impacts that lifters can have on your molding process and final parts.  Randy Kerkstra recently published an article at the Plastics Technology site (ptonline.com) that went into more detail on lifters and was a continuation of his...

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Hydraulic Driven Slides

Using Hydraulic Driven Slides In Injection Molding With the increasing complexity of molds and the parts that they produce, injection molders are forced to maximize the productivity of each tool. In his continuing discussion on hydraulics over on the...

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TOOLING – Having Trouble with Lifters? ptonline.com

Randy’s latest series on ptonline.com addresses the challenges that many shops face with lifters.  Having managed thousands of repairs and preventative maintenance activities every year, he has seen many of the issues and challenges that molding operations...

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